Young people building
power in Oregon

Who We Are


We’re investing in a great future and amplifying great people (like you) to lead it. Through civic engagement, community building, and issue advocacy, we want young people to see, feel, and know that our collective political power can transform our communities.

Next community builders. Next political leaders. Next movement organizers. We’re Next Up.

News & Updates

Next Up Participatory Budgeting Vote

In the past year, Next Up has been actively working on implementing our very first Participatory Budgeting process. Our organization launched this process to help us accomplish a values-aligned, deeper form of youth leadership. We formed a steering committee, created a rulebook, gathered ideas, and developed proposals. Now, we are ready to decide on which… Read More

No Cops in PPS - Call to Action

Keep Police out of Portland Public Schools

The Portland Public School Board is considering bringing police back to schools by the beginning of 2023 – we can’t let that happen! Take action to ensure that PPS divests from the systemic criminalization and policing of Black, brown, low-income, queer and trans, and disabled youth in schools. Show up and/or submit written testimony for… Read More