Young people building
power in Oregon

Who We Are


We’re investing in a great future and amplifying great people (like you) to lead it. Through civic engagement, community building, and issue advocacy, we want young people to see, feel, and know that our collective political power can transform our communities.

Next community builders. Next political leaders. Next movement organizers. We’re Next Up.

News & Updates

2023 School Board Endorsements

We are thrilled to announce our slate of candidates who have earned Next Up Action Fund’s endorsement for Oregon’s May 16, 2023 local elections. We want to elect leaders that come from our communities, share our values, and will fight for young people in Oregon. These elections are crucial: school boards have the power to… Read More

2022 End of Year Report

Dear Friend, Who are we beyond our current conditions? What does it look like to live in a world that truly values the brilliance, heart, and expertise of young people who are Black, brown, disabled, trans and queer, low income, immigrant and refugee?  This is what we do, what we believe in, and what we… Read More