Who We Are


We’re Oregon’s next-generation, doing democracy right.

For over eighteen years, Next Up (our 501(c)3) has amplified the voice and leadership of young people to achieve a more just and equitable state. Next Up Action Fund (our 501(c)4 branch) engages the next generation of Oregon’s leaders to build political power and fight for a more just and equitable Oregon. We do this by achieving systems change, developing bold leaders, and mobilizing young voters. We are based out of Portland, Oregon.

We’re Next Up and we hope you join us. Click below to learn more.

What We Do

Achieve Systems Change

We are working to dismantle the structural barriers that our generation is facing, making it easier to build a representative democracy where our leadership reflects many different communities.

Develop Bold Leaders

We are shifting power and broadening the leadership pipeline through our youth cohorts; opening doors for more people of color, women, immigrants, and refugees, LGBTQIA+, and low-income youth to become public service leaders and organizers.

Mobilize Voters

We amplify young people’s voices in politics by using our proven holistic organizing model. We are intentional with our voter registration efforts and focus on underserved populations like high school and college students, and partner with organizations to register low income and houseless residents, and people in jail.

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News & Updates

Our road map to victory in November

With 26 days until the election and only 5 days left to register to vote, this is the time when things really heat up. We’re ready for it. At Next Up, we are executing on a 3-prong strategy for making sure young people’s voices and votes are counted during this pivotal, life-changing election. Find out… Read More

Next Up Endorses Ballot Measures 107, 108 and 110

Next Up Endorses Ballot Measures 107, 108 and 110 Voting on ballot measures is the moment that we as Oregonians help write the laws in our state. Make sure to vote with us on critical issues when your ballot arrives. Not sure how to vote on these measures? No worries. Next Up has recommendations on… Read More