Wrapping up the storytelling internship: thank you Zave and Carolina!

One of the best parts of running a Give!Guide campaign at Next Up is getting to work with amazing youth organizers and leaders who join us for an end-of-year internship to support our fundraising and communications. This year, the internship was focused on the power of narrative and storytelling. Thank you so much to Zave Payne and Carolina Ruiz, our 2022 Storytelling Interns!

During their internship, they created media uplifting Give!Guide Big Give Days and prizes, put together a report on Next Up & Next Up Action Fund’s 20 years of accomplishments, and interviewed half a dozen board members and youth leaders about their experience with Next Up using ethical storytelling guidelines.

Their work contributed to celebrating 7 members of our community through interviews and stories, raising $13,585 in Give!Guide across 230+ donations to help fund our youth organizing work in 2023, and building new connections and relationships.

Thank you so much Zave and Carolina for all you brought to Next Up! We’re excited to see where you go next. 🎉