The Wrap Up: National Voter Registration Day 2019

That’s a wrap for National Voter Registration Day 2019!

This year, we partnered with many different community organizations to get people registered to vote. Our amazing 35 volunteers registered folks at Central City Concern’s many different transitional housing and clinics downtown, at P:ear Mentors (they mentor Portland’s homeless youth to affirm personal worth and create healthier lives and communities), and the Portland Mercado in East Portland.

A big kudos to all the students who also stepped up at colleges including Reed, Lewis and Clark, Willamette University and Concordia to register their peers and advise them on how to receive absentee ballots as well.

After the final tally, we found that we registered 500 people – many of whom did not know they were eligible to vote! Thank you to everyone’s support, and we look forward to next year.

P.S. Our awesome highschool students are pre-registering and registering their peers all month long across Portland Schools and in Salem. Last week they were able to collect 200 voter registration cards from their classmates! More updates to come.