We’re Next Up: We’ve Rebranded!

We’ve officially rebranded! As generations change, so has our organization. The Bus Project taught us that young people can be trusted with power – not as future leaders, but as leaders today.

We’re shifting organizational culture and getting closer to our values. We’re changing our name because we don’t work in transit and we’re far past being just a “project.” It’s year 17 and we’ve successfully incubated other progressive youth groups across the country. We also launched the Alliance for Youth Action, now a national hub for eleven affiliates and ten youth organizing partners building young peoples’ political power coast-to-coast.

We’re here to stay, and we need a name and brand to match our accomplishments and future. This work is urgent to position us for success ahead of the upcoming 2020 election cycle.

We work with an amazing group of diverse students everyday, and we know that they are Next Up in helping create stronger and more resilient communities, and will be boldly leading the charge to bring about a more accessible and equitable Oregon. Next Up launches a new era so we can continue to do this groundbreaking work for another 17 years (and beyond).

With that, we are excited for you to join us on our journey to continue engage and uplift the next generation of leaders. As Jasilyn Charger, a Lakota Sioux Activist, says “It doesn’t take an extraordinary person to do extraordinary things. It takes one person to have the courage to stand up and to really say no.”

You are extraordinary, and you, are Next Up,

Samantha Gladu
Executive Director