The Wrap Up: 2019 Summer Fellows

My name is Giovanni Bautista and I’m a summer fellow with Next Up, formerly the Bus Project.

We’ve had an awesome summer, collecting over 650 pledge to vote cards, making over 2,000 phone calls, and going to 25 community events over 10 weeks to talk to folks about important issues!

Here are some of the people we’ve met this summer:

  • A man from Troutdale whose brother was incarcerated as a result of Measure 11, frustrated by the racial disparities that exist within our criminal justice system.
  • A cancer survivor disheartened that the current healthcare system fails to take into account the human side of illness.
  • A public teacher from Coos Bay persuaded by the idea that we should lower the voting age to 16.

The only reason that me, and hundreds of other young people have been able to do this work is because of our funders. Will you help sponsors next year’s summer fellows by becoming a monthly donor at $15 a month?

We couldn’t do this without you!