Support the Movement for Youth Power with a “We are the Present & Future” T-shirt

Every major social movement in history has been driven by young people boldly leading the way.

For 21 years, Next Up has helped fuel youth movements for change in Oregon. We know that young people can be trusted with power – not as “future leaders,” but as leaders of today. 

Youth power is needed more than ever. We as young people have a right to make decisions about the world in which we live and the future we will inherit. Too little is being done to tackle the urgent crises facing our climate, housing, the racial wealth divide, income inequity, and democracy.

Next Up’s staff, board, and youth members are 13-35 years old (with an average age of 26) and majority Black, Indigenous, youth of color, and intersectional youth. We believe that by investing in young people’s collective power today, we will build towards a liberated and just future. If you share this belief, help spread the word: young people are the present & future.

This shirt is available in a 1-month campaign that ends with a celebration of Next Up’s 21st birthday. All proceeds after production costs will go directly to our general operating costs as a 501(c)3 organization. Your support fuels our continued work to scaffold new generations of young leaders and power up transformative movements for social change. 

The time to invest in youth organizing is NOW. Please share this far and wide! 

Classic t-shirt sizes: S-5XL, youth t-shirt sizes: XS-XL, hoodies: S-5XL.