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Elona J Wilson

Executive Director

Elona (she/her) is Next Up’s Executive Director. Through her professional and community-based work, Elona has built a wealth of experience in community organizing, engagement and leadership development, policy and legislative agenda-setting, partner and coalition management, and outreach and communications. Elona comes to Next Up from the Coalition of Communities of Color where she worked as the Advocacy Director to pass impactful legislation like the abolition of post-prison supervision fees. Previously, she worked at Stand for Children, where she helped pass the historic Student Success Act. Experienced in electoral campaigns, including ballot measures and candidate endorsements, Elona has also emerged as a leader in the Reimagine Oregon project, working with Black leaders from diverse backgrounds. Elona grew up in Portland and was a first-generation college graduate, graduating from Pacific University with a degree in early education and is dedicated to ensuring that equity becomes the pillar that holds up our communities here in Oregon.

group of young people advocating to lower the voting age to 16


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Devin Ruiz

Movement Building Director

Contact about endorsements and community partnerships

Devin (she/her) is a queer Latina from Los Angeles, CA, and finds revelatory opportunities in community work. Devin has an unwavering commitment to centering Black, Indigenous, people of color, low-income people, LGBTQIA individuals, and youth in their grassroots community engagement work. She obtained dual degrees in Political Science and Women’s Studies from PSU and wrote her thesis on how white supremacy is reproduced through racial grammar. When Devin is not deep in theory or YouTube, you can find her at the spa or overdressed and trying to find any and all warmth in Portland (usually in the form of community, chisme, and food). 

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Iya C. McSwain

Community Engagement Organizer

Contact about opportunities for ages 13 – 18

Iya (they/them) is a young Black activist, who holds many identities that influence their desire to show up for the community and the future generations to come. Born and raised in Portland, OR, they have dedicated time to understanding the systems of our society and how they impact and have harmfully impacted the communities they belong to, but also the communities that share similar systemic oppression. With this knowledge of systems of power and their own lived experience, they intend to use their passion and longing for a liberated and free world, to push for radical change within the institutions that make our society. Outside of organizing Iya spends much of their time learning how they can practice holistic wellness as a form of radical self/community healing. They are a lover of astrology, literature, music, and nature!

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Isabela Villarreal

Policy and Communications Manager

Contact about policy, advocacy, and media inquiries

Isabela (she/her) is a queer Latina youth advocate and organizer who has been with Next Up for three years. She received a BA in Community Development from PSU and currently serves on the Board of Directors and steering committee for Participatory Budgeting Oregon. Her experience organizing in high school and subsequent work with culturally specific community organizations instilled in her the power of youth and community work to bring about social and political transformation to marginalized communities. When not at work she enjoys chasing sun spots, reading afro-futurism, and eating anything made out of potatoes (especially curly fries and ajiaco).

Development and Operations

Em Bookstein

Development Manager

Contact about donations and sponsorships

Em (they/them) is a white queer person committed to moving resources to grassroots community organizing. As a Board Member with Social Justice Fund NW, they have developed organizing and fundraising skills rooted in social justice principles, dedication to redistributing wealth and power, and a belief in personal transformation through collective action. Previously, they held a day job as a software engineer. Outside of organizing and fundraising, they appreciate nerding out about organizing, making art, going to dog parks with their dog, and comparing personality types (personal stats: type 1/INFP/Virgo/Gryffindor).

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Charlie Ducharme

Development and Operations Coordinator

Contact about monthly donations

Charlie (he/him) is a young queer activist from Seattle, WA who is committed to understanding systems of oppression that have impacted and harmed marginalized communities. Before entering the nonprofit sector, Charlie’s experience consisted of being a youth organizer in multiple spaces, voicing gender equality and diversity. In the fall of 2021, Charlie became involved in Next Up as a BSW intern where he worked on restoration of voting rights, voter registration, and fundraising. After graduating with a Bachelors of Social Work and Minor in Gender & Women’s studies, Charlie is pleased to return to Next Up as the Development and Operations Coordinator. In this position, he will prioritize grounding his work in equity and social justice – fostering a sense of belonging and collective power. Outside of work, you can find Charlie hiking, taking photos, or spending quality time with loved ones (especially his two golden retrievers, Tommy and Ralph).

Our Board of Directors is comprised of fierce community advocates who are deeply committed to the success of our organization. 

Next Up Board of Directors

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Lucy Williams

Board Chair

Lucy (she/her) is passionate about inclusive public engagement and building political power for underrepresented communities. She brings a variety of skills and experiences from working with the Oregon State Legislature, local community organizations, and a public relations firm dedicated to engaging the public and decision-makers in conversations that define our communities. Lucy is excited about building formidable relationships and working to expand access to political structures for youth and diverse populations in Oregon. *Also serves on the Next Up Action Fund Board

wlnsvey campos headshot

Representative WLnsvey Campos


Wlnsvey (she/her) is the daughter of immigrants and brings knowledge from growing up in Bandon, OR and making her adult life in Aloha. She works as a Case Manager at Family Promise of Beaverton and is the youngest woman ever elected to the Oregon legislature, serving House District 28 (Aloha & Beaverton). She has extensive organizing experience and a desire to see more Latinx representation in public service.

akasha lawrence spence headshot

Akasha Lawrence Spence

Board Member

Akasha (she/her) is a Black, Caribbean American woman who represented SW Portland in the Oregon State Legislature in 2020 and also was a state senator representing District 18 in 2022. She is the Founder & Principal Designer of Fifth Element, and Founder of Melanated. Her work is at the intersections of financial empowerment, entrepreneurship, civic engagement, and community stewardship, with an emphasis on frontline communities.

Aslan Newson


Aslan (she/they) is a queer, Afro-Indigenous member of the Klamath Tribes of Southern Oregon. She attends Wilson High School in Southwest Portland, where she will be serving her second year as President of the Black Student Union. Over Summer 2020 she helped co-create and lead the group Fridays4Freedom. Aslan is passionate about creating an equitable education system for underprivileged students, as well as uplifting the voices and experiences of BIPOC communities in all forms of leadership. 

kenya headshot


Board Member

Kenya (she/ella) is a Latina woman who is committed to pursuing social justice and empowering people from all walks of life. She grew up in Woodburn, Oregon with her first-generation Mexican immigrant family and is a communications professional who served as Next Up’s Interim Executive Director in 2021. *Also serves on the Next Up Action Fund Board


Lex Jakusovszky

Board Member

Lex (they/them) cares deeply about opening doors and providing support for new leaders. They have been able to create affinity groups with the Oregon State Legislature and bring people together for support that makes it more possible for them to stay in spaces that are hostile to non-dominant culture folks. Lex is a non-binary white person, and is also a Board Member of the Center for Women’s Leadership, and a proud alum of the Catalyst Transgender Leadership Program with Basic Rights Oregon. *Also serves on the Next Up Action Fund Board

luis velasco headshot

Luis Velasco

Board Member

Luis (he/they) is a first-generation Mexican-American student at the International School Of Beaverton & PCC, where he will receive his IB Diploma & Associates Degree in General Studies. As a low-income student, he’s vocal about investing resources into underprivileged communities. Luis is passionate about changing our education system and hopes to reform it into an equitable system that serves all. *Also serves on the Next Up Action Fund Board

Josh Laurente

Board Member

Josh (he/him) is a CHamoru and Filipino son from the island of Guam, and is currently a Master of Public Policy student at Portland State University. Studying decolonization and sustainable development, Josh is focused on the movement to restore sovereignty to Guam and the other currently colonized territories of the United States. Eight years an Oregonian, Josh is dedicated to deepening democracy, uprooting oppressive systems, and contributing to a more just, prosperous, and sustainable world. *Also serves on the Next Up Action Fund Board

Luis Balderas Villagrana

Board Member

Luis (he/him) is a first-generation son of immigrants from Mexico and raised in Oregon. He served as Student Body President while at Portland State University, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science in 2020. Currently, Luis serves as Program & Events Coordinator at Oregon Entrepreneurs Network. He spends his time advocating for immigrant rights, economic justice, and environmental justice.

Our Next Up Board of Directors provides oversight and support to our work. Our Board of Directors is comprised of fierce community advocates who are deeply committed to the success of our organization. They are 11 people with a richness of experience, ranging in age from 16-32.

Next Up Action Fund Board of Directors

michelle hicks headshot

Michelle Hicks


Michelle (she/her) is a mixed, chronically ill, Korean American from California who currently works as a Field Organizer at the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO) where she lives and loves everything political. She is passionate about creating radical access to resources and movements through community organizing and democracy reform.

joseluis headshot

Joséluis Jimenez Maldonado


Joséluis (he/him) is a Latino immigrant that grew up in Salem, OR where his work in the community inspired him to take political matters into his own hands. He is a seasoned organizer and teacher, that believes collectively uniting and demanding action and accountability is imperative for political transformation

Senya Scott

Board Member

Senya is a second-generation, Sierra Leonean American, and is a senior at Ida B Wells High School. She was on the committee to change the school’s name from Woodrow Wilson and is also a youth leader in the youth activist group, Friday’s for Freedom. She strives to be a part of what creates the change for Black women in my community, by creating platforms that highlight their voices (Hot Tea with Senya) and facilitating discussion around racial identity. 

Anjali Weerasinghe

Board Member

Anjali (she/her) is a second-generation Sri Lankan American who is committed to civic engagement and social change. She is a current high school student and helps organize Race Forward as a leader of the Equity Team. She organizes around voting rights, social justice, and is passionate about the intersections of mental health and educating young people about racial justice. Anjali recognizes the importance of showing up for the community and works to increase civic engagement among young people in Portland.

danielle headshot

Danielle Maillard

Board Member

Danielle (she/her) is from California and moved to Portland after graduating with a degree in International Agricultural Development and Environmental Issues from UC Davis. She is a committed climate justice organizer and particularly interested in advocating for investments in social infrastructure and a just transition in Oregon and beyond. Her previous work on a Metro Council campaign fueled her love for political engagement, and she is passionate about elevating the voices of young people for the purpose of creating a livable future.

aanna farhang headshot

Aanna Farhang

Board Member

Aanna (she/her) is a second-generation Iranian-American high school student in the Portland area with a passion for all things politics. Aanna is dedicated to advocacy for voting rights and immigration as well as strengthening democracy. She works with immigrants across the world through her internship with Passage Immigration Law and serves on the Vote16USA National Campaign Youth Advisory Board. As the daughter of immigrants, she has the principal desire for people to gain perspective and view the world through a more critical lens. *Also serves on the Next Up Board

Our Next Up Action Fund Board of Directors provides oversight and support to our C(4) work. Our Board of Directors is comprised of fierce community advocates who are deeply committed to the success of our organization. (Additional members are listed under Next Up Board of Directors because they direct both organizations.) They are 13 people with a richness of experience, ranging in age from 16-32.

Hear from our Board

Ep. 1 Joséluis Jimenez

Joséluis is a Latino immigrant who grew up in Salem, OR where his work in the community inspired him to take political matters into his own hands. He is a seasoned organizer and teacher, that believes collectively uniting and demanding action and accountability is imperative for political transformation. Learn more about the Oregon DACA Coalition at

Ep. 2 Wlnsvey Campos

Episode 2 of Next Up’s Democracy Done Right Podcast featuring Wlnsvey Campos. Wlnsvey is the daughter of immigrants and brings knowledge from growing up in Bandon, OR and making her adult life in Aloha. She works as a Case Manager at Family Promise of Beaverton, has extensive organizing experience, and a desire to see more Latinx representation in public service.

Past Board Members

Helena Huang
Heather Kmetz
Ethan Krow
Kelli Horvath
Gerik Kransky
Nolan Lienhart
Sarah Masterson
Jeff Malachowsky
Evyn Mitchell
Alberto Moreno
Jake Oken Berg
Justin Pabalate
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Sara Ryan
Mike Radway

Maurice Rahming
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Andrew Scott
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Joe Smith
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