Next Up Participatory Budgeting Vote

In the past year, Next Up has been actively working on implementing our very first Participatory Budgeting process. Now, it’s time for you to vote!

Our organization launched this process to help us accomplish a values-aligned, more profound form of youth leadership. We formed a steering committee, created a rulebook, gathered ideas, and developed proposals. Now, we are ready to decide on which projects to fund with a budget of $10,000 in 2023. It is crucial to build a foundation for understanding and building power, organizing, and creating long-lasting changes in our communities.

The top two projects will be funded in 2023/2024 and made a reality. We’re excited to see what you all choose!

Let’s Vote!

⏱ Voting closed on July 2nd.

We warmly welcome everyone who is currently or previously involved, affected by, or supports the mission of Next Up to vote.

Voting is simple, just rank your choices. There will be two wining projects, and they will be implemented in 2023/2024.

2023 Youth-Choice Projects

Mutual Aid Fund

Participatory Budgeting funds will be used to help folks that are in need within the Next Up base.

Next Up on the MAP: Mural Art Project

Funds will go towards commissioning BIPOC youth artists to create a Next Up mural that embodies our mission, values, and inspires the rising generation to fight for greater justice and equity in Oregon.

Black Indigenous and Youth of Color Music Festival

The festival would be an opportunity to reach new community members and share about Next Up and its values (specifically, its values pertaining to uplifting the BIPOC community in Oregon). We will partner with Friends of Noise to make this idea a reality!

Workshops on De-Escalation and First Aid

Training series for our base on trauma-informed care and de-escalation tactics.


Thank you to our amazing youth steering committee members who shaped this process. Shout out to Luis Velasco, Aishiki Nag, Lauren Grijalva, Senya Scott, Aquene Rio Briggs, Stella Holt Dupley, Lucy Williams, and Ella Rathman.

Enormous gratitude to the Participatory Budgeting Project for hosting us in their inaugural PB for Organizations Cohort. We highly recommend checking out Change from Within: A Guide to Running Participatory Budgeting in Your Organziation to help launch an internal process.

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Next Up is a nonpartisan, nonprofit that amplifies the voice and leadership of diverse young people to achieve a more just and equitable Oregon.

This is our 501(c)3 branch.