2020 Primary Endorsements

We are thrilled to officially announce our slate of candidates who have earned Next Up Action Fund’s endorsement for Oregon’s May 19, 2020, Primary Elections. 

We want to elect leaders that come from our communities, share our values, and will fight for young people in Oregon. The people elected to local offices make crucial decisions that affect our daily lives, including determining budgets, funding, and plans for transportation, access to healthcare, affordable housing, climate change, policing, immigration, and so much more. Your vote matters to ensure we are electing local leaders who will fight for us in office.

On February 7th, we publicly announced our candidate endorsement process for the May 2020 Primary Election. Since then, Next Up Action Fund gathered an Endorsement Committee made up of a staff member, high school student, college student, and Community Action Team member. It is crucial that the community we serve are the ones that get to make these decisions. After a thoughtful process, the Endorsement Committee made recommendations to Next Up Action Fund’s board, who voted to approve their recommendations. 

Wlnsvey Campos for Oregon House District 28

Khanh Pham for Oregon House District 46

Ricki Ruiz for Oregon House District 50

Dacia Grayber for Oregon House District 35

Lacey Beaty for Beaverton Mayor

Cameron Whitten for Metro Council Seat 5

Teressa Raiford for Portland Mayor

Candace Avalos for City Council Seat #1

Mike Schmidt for Multnomah District Attorney

Take some time to update your voter registration to make sure you are ready to vote in this upcoming election! Oregonians (that are 16 years old or older and U.S. citizens) can register to vote online here (beregistered.org). To vote for Wlnsvey, Khanh, Ricki, or Dacia, you need to be a registered Democrat. 

The deadline to register or update your registration for the May primary is April 28, 2020.