The Wrap Up: National Voter Registration Day 2019

That’s a wrap for National Voter Registration Day 2019! This year, we partnered with many different community organizations to get people registered to vote. Our amazing 35 volunteers registered folks at Central City Concern’s many different transitional housing and clinics downtown, at P:ear Mentors (they mentor Portland’s homeless youth to affirm personal worth and create… Read More

Increase Your Impact: The Monthly Member Competition

You know what time it is! Our annual Monthly Donor Competition between us and our National Affiliates, means your monthly donation is even more impactful now. Becoming a monthly donor from September 30 – October 6 helps us unlock more resources for our organization, earns you prizes, and supports our programs. Become a monthly member today… Read More

Summer Fellows

The Wrap Up: 2019 Summer Fellows

My name is Giovanni Bautista and I’m a summer fellow with Next Up, formerly the Bus Project. We’ve had an awesome summer, collecting over 650 pledge to vote cards, making over 2,000 phone calls, and going to 25 community events over 10 weeks to talk to folks about important issues! Here are some of the people we’ve… Read More

National Voter Registration Day

We’re excited to once again be part of a national effort to strengthen our community by registering hundreds of voters on September 24, 2019, also known as National Voter Registration Day. First started for the 2012 presidential election, National Voter Registration Day has become a 50-state holiday where thousands of organizations and volunteers organize to ensure our family,… Read More

We’re Next Up: We’ve Rebranded!

We’ve officially rebranded! As generations change, so has our organization. The Bus Project taught us that young people can be trusted with power – not as future leaders, but as leaders today. We’re shifting organizational culture and getting closer to our values. We’re changing our name because we don’t work in transit and we’re far… Read More

Fair Shot Agenda Wrap Up

Oregon’s Legislative Session ended on June 30, 2019. While the final week of session was clouded by attacks on our democracy, we still moved Oregon forward with a number of historic policy victories that advance racial, gender, and economic justice. At The Bus Project, our mission is to engage the next generation of Oregon’s leaders… Read More

Gov. Brown

Paid Postage Passes! Voting is Finally Free

Did you hear? Voting will finally be free in Oregon, with every single mailbox becoming a drop-box. We are elated to announce that Paid Postage passed this Legislative Session and is heading to the Governor’s desk to be signed. With the passage of this bill Oregon is yet again establishing itself as a national leader in creating… Read More

We’re Rebranding! Join Us

As generations change, so does The Bus. The Bus has taught us that young people can be trusted with power – not as “future leaders,” but as leaders today. We have worked over the last 18 years to bolster opportunities for youth political pathways and involvement. We want to continue to support the next generation… Read More

UPTURN is Seeking Applicants!

Are you interested in gaining firsthand activism experience? Do you wanna be the next Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?? The Bus Project is looking for committed high school students interested in civic engagement, leadership development, and advocacy work to join the UPTURN Cohort for the 2019/2020 school year! UPTURN is a no cost, year-long cohort for high school… Read More