Keep Police out of Portland Public Schools

The Portland Public School Board is considering bringing police back to schools by the beginning of 2023 – we can’t let that happen!

Take action to ensure that PPS divests from the systemic criminalization and policing of Black, brown, low-income, queer and trans, and disabled youth in schools.

Show up and/or submit written testimony for the next PPS school board meeting on May 23rd to demand no cops in schools and an investment in restorative justice, and community care.

Action Steps

Use our Click to Action Tool to Submit Written Testimony & Email PPS Board Members

File a public comment and email members here. Please note that the email sent will be filed as a public comment and sent to all PPS School Board Members.

Sign up to give in-person testimony on May 23rd.

Register by 12 pm on May 23rd. To register send an email to or call the Board Office at 503-916-374. Email requests to provide public comment should include:

• Full name:

• Topic:

• Date requested meeting:

• School Community:

• Phone number:

o Text okay?

• Are you a student?

• In-Person or Virtual attendance?

Requests for Public Comment will be processed in the order that they are received.

Show up and give testimony on May 23rd.

  • Location & Time: Dr. Matthew Prophet Education Center, 501 N Dixon St., Portland, OR 97227 on May 23rd at 6 pm
  • Each individual called will come up to the testimony table and will have 3 minutes to testify unless otherwise stated. Please begin by stating your name and spelling your last name for the record.
  • The requester may submit written testimony before or at the meeting; please provide 12 copies.