High School Programs

Mobilizing Young Leaders

High School Leadership Development Programs


R.E.P. focuses on community engagement as a means to highlight the intersection between racial inequities and gun violence.

We are a collective of high school students from the Portland metro area that uses community engagement as a means to change the narrative around gun violence to center racial equity, voices of people of color, and uplifting those most affected by gun violence in Oregon. By working in partnership with front-line communities and agencies in our advocacy and educational work, we are building a movement together.

High School Cohort: UPTURN

A free 6 month leadership development program for high school students in Oregon

that facilitates building political power, engaging their community, and becoming thoughtful activists. They will participate in 1) Workshops on politics and the historical contexts of today's political climate, cultural organizing, equity, activism, de-centering whiteness, and anti-racism work. 2) Engaging other young people and their community year-round to increase voter registration, voter turnout, and civic awareness. 3) Networking and building connections with community members, other advocacy organizations, and local leaders.


Democracy Bowl

Peer to Peer Voter Registration in HS

Twice a year Oregon high school students turn out to do peer to peer voter registration & civic education. Students can create a Democracy Bowl team (within their school) to compete with other schools around Oregon to register the most voters, while they hone leadership skills by organizing and motivating their peers.