Democracy Bowl


Twice a year Oregon high school students turn out to do peer to peer voter registration & civic education

Oregonians have the opportunity pre-register voters at age 16 and 17. That way, when they turn 18 they're all ready to vote without a hassle. The sooner young people become engaged as voters, the more likely they are to vote the rest of their lives, not to mention become active and engaged members of their community. Democracy Bowl brings civics into junior and senior classrooms, lunch hours, and school-wide assemblies in order to meet young Oregonians where they are getting them set on the course to be lifelong leaders.

How it works

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During an hour-long training, you will get to learn the ins and outs of the democratic decision-making process, learn effective public speaking and voter registration.


Students can create a Democracy Bowl team (within their school) to compete with other schools around Oregon to register the most voters, while they hone leadership skills by organizing and motivating their peers.


The rural and urban high school who helps register the most to vote wins the Democracy Cup!