Covid Recovery

Signature Initiative

Covid-19 Youth Survey 2020

We know that the impacts of COVID-19 are going to be long ranging, and recovery will take years. COVID-19 is further demonstrating just how many inequities exist in our society. We co-created a survey with 18+ other youth-centered organizations, groups, and the leadership of young people here in Oregon in order to find out the impacts of COVID on – especially BIPoC – youth in our community.

Policy Demands

Based on what we heard from 41 participants, we recommend these policy areas be prioritized:

  1. 💭 Funding and access to mental health resources (54% reported struggling with mental health, 37% reported mental health is a top 3 concern)
  2. 💸 Financial assistance or supplements for decreased income regardless of citizenship status (39% reported a decrease in income)
  3. 💻 Robust tech hardware and internet access for all students (22% reported technology difficulties, and 44% reported school is a top 3 concern)
  4. 🚌 Free transit (youth pass, hey @yejapdx) for all youth under 21 (24% reported transportation difficulties)