Coalition Work

Coalition Work

We are part of several coalitions, because we have a better chance at solving persistent problems when we work together. We deeply value our partnerships and relationships with coalition partners.

One Oregon is a statewide coalition that defends against anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim policies and ballot measures and works to ensure that all Oregonians, regardless of country of birth, are treated with dignity and respect. The One Oregon Coalition is united by our shared values around immigrant and racial justice.

Fair Shot primarily focuses on: giving a voice to those who are often left behind in the political process: low-wage workers, women, and people of color; to turn the discussion of racial, gender, and economic inequality into action; to hold legislators accountable–and to win. Fair Shot for All recognizes that together, we accomplish more. We created our coalition to build on our strengths around the table–each coalition member brings time, people, and resources to our fight against economic, racial, and gender inequality. 

Renew Oregon believes in a clean energy future for the state we love: An Oregon with good-paying jobs, clean air and water, and healthy communities. A prosperous Oregon protected for future generations. We’re working to transition away from dirty, polluting energy to a clean, equitable economy.

Looking nationally, we are a founding member affiliate of the Alliance for Youth Action which grows locally-led youth organizing across the country. They are a nationwide network of organizations building the political power of young people, and the premier youth vote vehicle in the United States. They have a C4 and a C3, similarly to us. Follow the work of our network organizations and be inspired daily!