Charter Reform will be on November 2022 Ballot

Dear friend, 

We are thrilled to share that Portland voters will have the opportunity this fall to consider a change to our city government. 

On June 14, the Portland Charter Commission voted to advance a measure amending the Portland Charter to the November 2022 ballot. There was strong support on the Commission, with 17 of 20 Charter Commissioners supporting the measure. 

The measure, if approved, will amend the city charter to: 

  • Establish a mayor-council government, in which an expanded City Council of twelve members focuses on setting policy and approving budgets, while a Mayor carries out laws, and a professional City Administrator manages city services
  • Create four geographic districts, in which three council members will represent each district
  • Allow voters to rank candidates in their order of preference for all elected offices including the offices of City Council, Mayor, and Auditor

The Charter Commission has worked diligently to hear from Portlanders, meet with city employees and local organizations, and use community input to shape their recommendations. Next Up has been honored to support robust engagement and education alongside the Coalition of Communities of Color, hosting more than 22 listening sessions and events. 

Throughout our engagement, we heard our communities calling for change to our systems of local government and elections. Many Portlanders feel that the city government is not effectively responding to their needs and feel the City Council has historically not represented their communities. 

For more information, please visit CCC’s Charter Review webpage, check out our educational materials, or explore the Charter Commission’s website.