2023 Participatory Budgeting Results

Our organization launched a participatory budget process to help us accomplish a values-aligned, more profound form of youth leadership. We formed a steering committee, created a rulebook, gathered ideas, and developed proposals. From those proposals we had 143 participants rank their votes to inform us on how to spend $10,000 in 2023. The Participatory Budgeting Results are in and the winners are:

BIPOC Youth Music Festival and Mutual Aid Fund! 🥳 🎶🤑

🔑 Stay locked in to learn how we will be implementing both projects soon. For more info and tools on implementing a participatory budgeting process visit Youth PB and The Participatory Budgeting Project.

These top two projects will be funded in 2023/2024, and we’re excited to partner with @friendsofnoise and others to make this a reality for our amazing, youth-centered network of supporters! 🎉