2022 Legislative Wrap Up

Dear Friend,

It’s time for the 2022 legislative wrap-up. Even though the legislative session lasted only a month, and was definitely a whirlwind, we were able to champion and pass bills rooted in racial, economic, and youth justice.

Now that the legislative session has concluded, here are some of the achievements that we are celebrating with our community, coalition, and organizational partners: 

Online Voter Registration Modernization (HB 4133) – Currently, Oregonians without an Oregon-issued driver’s license must register to vote with a paper form due to a lack of signature on file with the DMV. An expanded online voter registration system (OVR+) allows for registrants to upload an image of their signature and register online with the last four digits of their social security number. With an OVR+ system, more Oregonians will be able to conveniently register to vote and update their registrations.

Fair Shot for All Platform – We’re proud to be a Fair Shot For All coalition partner. Our work as a coalition is centered on ideas and input from those both historically and currently bearing the burden of unjust systems. In 2022, Fair Shot for All focused on Universal Legal Representation, Transforming Justice, and Farmworker Overtime. We were able to support the passage of all these critical policies, and served on the steering committee for Transforming Justice.

Community Engagement

809 people sent emails to their lawmakers through our click to tool

3 legislative advocacy events were hosted – including a Restoration of Voting Rights briefing, and letter writing to AIC’s

2 statewide bills that we led the coalition for passed – Transforming Justice (SB 1510) and Online Voter Registration Modernization (ovr+)

We’re so thankful to the countless people who showed up by emailing their legislators, giving verbal or written testimony, texting friends to get involved or simply sharing our social media graphics to support our work this session. 

Thank you for your continued support and advocacy to see out our vision of young people boldly leading the state forward, an inclusive and accessible democracy, and strong and resilient communities.

With gratitude,
Isabela Villarreal, Policy and Communications Manager