Youth Lobby for Climate Legislation

Young people are turning up the heat on lawmakers to pass the Clean Energy Jobs bill!

On Presidents’ Day, Next Up’s new UPTURN cohort showed up in Salem — joining nearly 150 young activists for a Youth Lobby Day in support of the Renew Oregon coalition’s climate change bill making its way through the state senate.

At the Capitol, UPTURN students visited their representatives’ offices to share personal stories about how climate change impacts their future. With the major consequences of climate change looming only 10 years away, young people asked legislators to take action to limit emissions and invest in impacted communities now.

Since then, Governor Brown issued an executive order for climate action. We’re proud to be part of the Renew Oregon coalition that made it happen.

Representation matters. While climate change is disproportionately hitting communities of color, Oregon’s legislature is overwhelmingly white. At Youth Lobby Day, the majority of youth leaders lobbying their representatives were people of color. For most UPTURN students, too, this was their first time lobbying in Salem — and now, not only have they spoken directly to lawmakers, but they met fellow organizers who have made a career fighting to change policies and defend their communities.

We’ve seen how powerful it is to bring young people to Salem — and we know we’ll be back! Will you make a one time or recurring donation in support of youth leadership and youth voices? Whether it is $5 or $100, your contribution goes towards a more equitable, accessible democracy.