Meet Bobby! Soros Youth Justice Fellow

September 3, 2019

Bobby comes to Next Up as a Soros Youth Justice Fellow with the Open Society Foundation.

Through first-hand experience with the criminal justice system, being convicted at 17 as an adult to a mandatory minimum sentence of 70 months under ballot Measure 11, Bobby brings a unique perspective and experience to this work. In this way, he is connected to not only his immediate community of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated youth, but also the entire population of the state of Oregon.

Bobby is excited to share his testimony, educating Oregonians who don’t understand or haven’t even heard of Measure 11. Bobby is community-minded and will use this opportunity to reform the criminal and juvenile justice systems as a legacy for his incarceration, repairing harm to the community and to those still in the system and hoping for change. Bobby is from SE Portland, loves dancing, and the book that most deeply impacted his life is Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow.