Urgent Call to Action: Vote!

May 20, 2019

Voter Turnout Languishing 

There’s an election tomorrow! And here’s some sad news: While record numbers of young people and voters across the state turned in ballots for the midterm election (63%!!), voter turnout for this special election is sitting only at about 10%.


This is the time to get involved locally! We’re voting mostly for school boards, elected positions that hold great power. They can choose to prioritize mental health support for students, decide whether or not to fund police officers in schools, and ensure that schools are adopting anti-racist curriculum.

Not sure where to get information about who to vote for? Check out your voter’s pamphlet or your favorite newspaper or magazine, who tend to endorse candidates.

Over the last week, volunteers and staff at the Bus have called 2,100 people to remind them to vote! Follow us on Twitter to read some funny reasons why people aren’t voting… Tweet us excuses you have heard using the hashtags #CanVoteWillVote and #noexcuses.

We’re Hiring Two Summer Fellows

Looking for a summer job? Want to learn grassroots organizing skills and how to make a difference in your community? We’re hiring two summer fellows who will help us lay a critical foundation for 2020. 

Check out the job description here. 

Happy voting y’all.